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Hello everyone and thank you for joining us! My name is Natalie Gregg and I am the founder of Equine Education USA and currently the head instructor. I am a lifelong horsewoman and passionate Equine Massage Therapist. Equine Massage has been a family business since I was only 10 years old! My moms name is Sabrina Perez, she founded Equissage California in 2007.

Since my late teen years, I have spent most of my time expanding my knowledge regarding body work of humans and animals. I began working with a world class eventing clientele, hoaning in on common muscular ailments and proper manual treatments. 

I have over 7 years of teaching experience at Equissage California, and now with a decade of hands on work under my belt, it was time to take my knowledge and share it with eagar horsemen and horsewomen. 

The ultimate goal of Equine Education USA is to improve the lives of horses regardless of age, discipline, breed, etc. Through my students, I am able to make that a reality. My team and I are dedicated to creating accessible courses for all who are interested in healing animals. We offer online and in person courses as well as hybrid and customized certification courses. Regardless of how you choose to approach your education, you will receive the same detailed curriculum. 

What sets us apart from other schools is the personalized experience you will receive. We consider that everyones circumstances, schedules, and learning styles are different. Because of that we do our absolute best to fit our courses to your life and learning style. 

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