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Image by Tiago Almeida


Equine Education USA offers an array of courses geared toward helping horses feel and perform their best. We are constantly developing new courses that fit the demand of the equine industry as technology, techniques, and the industry itself evolves. 


Become a Certified Professional


Equissage Equine Sports Massage

 Equissage Equine Sports Massage Therapy Certification Program, brought to you by Equine Education LLC, is an intense 5-day course that will cover all aspects of sports massage on the equine athlete and prepare you for a career as an equine health care professional. In this course, a major emphasis is placed on the application of the sports massage strokes, techniques, and the Equissage sequence. Students will learn the basic anatomy and physiology of the equine muscular system as well as the basic anatomy of the horse as it pertains to massage.


Case Studies, Stretching, Saddle Fit

The Equine Education USA Advanced workshop was designed to elevate the skills of a Level 1 graduate. We have added hands-on, real-life experiences with our case studies where students learn collectively from all the horses in the study.  Students will also learn two additional services they can offer their clients, and an in-depth stretching sequence as well as saddle fitting services. In this workshop, we also take a deeper look at the business side of things; how to reach your goals in this rewarding field.


Application of Tools

The Equine Education USA Level 3 course will equip you with the knowledge of massage tools and how to safely use tools other than your hands. This course includes a deeper look at anatomy, common lameness issues, and deep tissue massage techniques.

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