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Join us for this enriching 2-day clinic! In this immersive course, participants will delve into the ancient wisdom behind cupping therapy, understanding its profound effects on the horse's circulatory system, muscular health, and beyond.


Day one focuses on hands-on cupping techniques, empowering attendees to skillfully integrate this modality with equine massage for a holistic approach to horse care. Cupping therapy, known for promoting blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, enhances a massage therapist's toolkit by offering a non-invasive method to release deep-seated tension and improve muscle flexibility. Moreover, cupping has been shown to reduce inflammation, aiding in the horse's recovery from strenuous activities and promoting a faster healing process. Participants will discover how combining cupping with massage amplifies the therapeutic impact, making their sessions more effective in addressing issues such as chronic muscle tightness, stiffness, and even promoting relaxation in anxious horses.


Day two introduces participants to the intricacies of fascia with a focus on Gua-Sha Tools, specialized blades designed for precise fascial release. Through interactive sessions, attendees will master techniques to address chronic stiffness, promote lymphatic drainage, and enhance the horse's range of motion. Beyond the immediate benefits, understanding fascia enhances a massage therapist's ability to identify and target the root causes of musculoskeletal issues, leading to more precise and lasting results. Real-world case studies and practical applications will solidify their proficiency in using these tools for various equine conditions, making them more versatile and effective practitioners in the realm of equine wellness.

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